The Real-Life Partners Of The HIMYM Cast Also Appeared On The Show. Here’s Who They Played

How I Met Your Mother’s seen a lot of notable cameos over the years, from Katy Perry to Kal Penn, but there are a lot of other Easter eggs hidden in its depths. For instance, the real-life lovers and spouses of pretty much most of the main cast have featured in the show in some way, and it’s impossible to tell unless you know about it beforehand.

1. Lily’s ex-boyfriend Scooter (played by David Burtka) is Barney’s husband in real life

Scooter was initially named Jeff and was shown to be dating Lily in high school. After their breakup, he continues to be infatuated with her and shows up in random episodes, sometimes going by the name of Bill. He’s played by David Burtka, who happens to be Neil Patrick Harris’s husband in real life. They were married in 2014.

2-Gary Blauman (played by Taran Killam) is Robin’s husband in real life

The gang-dividing, wise-cracking, mostly un-likable Gary Blauman is married to Robin in real life. Played by Taran Killam, he and Colbie Smulders even have two kids together. It’s weird because most of these actors play characters against their type in the show. Though playing a mediocre antagonist is also pretty funny.

Funnily enough, Ted’s real-life partner didn’t show up in the show. Which is vaguely annoying because the whole damn show is mostly about him and his love life in the first place. Either way, good to know!

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